Daily Archives: November 4, 2005

Check your Christmas Lights

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny. 68 degrees.

I took down the lighted ghost and spider web that had been up since early October.

Since I already had the ladder out, I thought I’d get out the Christmas lights and put them up (not to light yet, just to get them up). Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After I had one string up, I decided to test it by plugging it in. Oh no! Half the string didn’t work! (Lesson learned: Check the lights before you climb the ladder!)

Check the other strings: One doesn’t work at all, the other was another half.

Well. These lights were used for the past few years, they’re old. Back down to the crawlspace to get the three strings that were only used one year, several years ago.

Two strings don’t work at all. One string works, but there is a broken bulb in the middle and I can’t get the broken bulb out.

So, it’s time to buy new Christmas lights!

JEFF ADDS: Thanks for the reminder. Every year, as I try to balance a ladder in two feet of snow with my hands freezing because I can’t wear my mitts while trying to adjust the bulbs, I promise myself that the next year I would have a little foresight to put the lights up earlier when the weather was better.