Daily Archives: November 16, 2005

ICANN Still Can

Although the headline at Fox News (story by Associated [De]Press[ed]) is U.N. Summit Lets U.S. Keep Control of Internet Domain Names (emphasis mine).

As if the U.N. Summit can give us permission or something…

A U.N. technology summit opened Wednesday after an 11th-hour agreement that leaves the United States with ultimate oversight of the main computers that direct the Internet’s flow of information, commerce and dissent.

“If the Internet had been developed in Australia, I don’t think we would have had so much heat on this discussion,” ICANN chief Paul Twomey, an Australian, remarked of the tension surrounding the U.S. control of the Internet.

The U.S. not only invented the internet, it performs its oversight duties exceedingly well.

First Snow

It’s snowing here in Northern Illinois. A little more than flurries really, not much, but it is snowing. I don’t think we’ll get any real coverage, but the Shih Tzu leaves tiny pawprints in what’s sticking to the porch. The Siberian, on the other hand, is in his element.