Schiavo Breaking: Terri's Nurse Interviewed on Fox

Had Previously Gone to Police About Michael Injecting Terri with Insulin

J$P Instant Transcript here.

Check out this interview with Terri’s nurse. Among other things she claims to have found Terri in distress after Michael visited, along with a vial of insulin concealed in the trash and numerous needle marks on Terri. Her blood sugar level had also dropped dramatically. She reported it to the police and was fired the next day.

Police reports don’t just vanish. This is very significant if verified. Also, note her demeanor. I had heard about this previously but seeing her live she certainly comes across as believable. (Hat tip PoliPundit)

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UPDATE: The Anchoress has an interesting link to a doctor’s analysis of a Terri Schiavo bone scan regarding possible signs of abuse. Conclusive, no. But certainly enough to prompt further examination.

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UPDATE II: From Lorie at PoliPundit: another nurse who worked with Terri will be on Hannity tonight with some more interesting things to say. That’s two nurses now (Correction: it’s the same nurse). I’m not sure how many of you have spent any length of time in a hospital type setting, but from my experience, its the nurses that really know what’s going on. They experience the day to day nitty gritty with the patients while the doctors briefly stop in for the rounds, make a note or two and then move on.

UPDATE III: More nurses are coming forward to substantiate some of the allegations.

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