"Expert" Concluded Schiavo in PVS after 45 Minutes

Hannity and Colmes just did an interview with one of the “experts” who testified that Terri Schiavo was in a PVS. He admitted that he based his conclusions on one 45 minute session. One. In that 45 minute session he had Terri’s eyes follow a balloon as he praised her for doing a good job.

Incidentally one of the nurses that cared for her was also on and she said Terri was was responsive, aware, had spoken and thus couldn’t be in a PVS. I wonder how many hundreds of hours she spent with Terri in comparison to the one hour the “expert” spent with her.

Also our good doctor further admitted to previously opining that persons in a PVS should not be afforded constitutional rights, and that we shouldn’t bother tube feeding alzheimer’s patients.
UPDATE: For those readers interested in the nurse’s revelations about Michael’s conduct, we’ve previously posted on another Fox interview she did earlier in the day, along with the transcript and video here.

UPDATE II: Here’s the transcript of the “expert” for Michael Schiavo. Also, hat tip to PoliPundit reader Newton for pointing me to this transcript of an expert who says Terri can get better. I’ll let you go right to the link but here’s a hint, he spent a bit more than 45 minutes with Terri.

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