Where are the Schiavo Videos in the Media

Find a video of Iraqi prisoners being humiliated, or an American convoy being blown up, or of Micheal Jackson simply walking out of a courtroom and it will get constant media play. Yet here we are at the apex of a furious societal debate about whether to starve a woman to death based on the assumption that she is a vegetable and videos surface showing this purported vegetable laughing, smiling, or otherwise responding positively to loved ones, and there’s complete silence from old media. Isn’t this “news”? I was shocked when I first saw them, as was my wife, as undoubtedly anyone else would be. They are shockingly revealing, and yet the media choses not to show them. Why?

Is it because those advocating that Terri Schiavo should live are being grouped in with “right wing” pro- lifers? Is the message being lost on the messengers as was the case with the Swift Vets? Is old media so blinded by their left leaning bias that they refuse to show obvious evidence of life in somone that is presumed to be dead?

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