From Rathergate to Musing Minds

Today is Dan Rather’s last day as the anchorman for CBS News. There will be lots of posts about it today on many different sites. Here’s my connection – Rathergate was my first exposure to the blogosphere. Like so many others, I didn’t even know blogs existed prior to that event. The first blog I ever visted was I went there today and thanked them for introducing me to this amazing new world. Dan Rather stories will come and go, but the blogosphere is here to stay.

It was just a few short months ago that I started checking out the links at I did so again today, clicking on PoliPundit, a site I started going to regularly soon after my exposure to And there, just a few lines from the top of PoliPundit’s site, was a link to Musing Minds.

Things move fast around here.

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