Via PoliPundit, another invocation of Nazism from the Left. Senator Byrd draws a comparison between Hitler and Republicans in arguing against doing away with the filibuster.

It’s obvious that the Left doesn’t appreciate the fact that every time they compare Bush or Republicans to the Nazis they are belittling the horrors of the Nazi regime. I should clarify that, actually. They may or may not realize that they are belittling Nazi atrocities, but they don’t really seem to care.

Imagine being a Holocaust survivor, or a close relative of one, having seen or heard personal accounts of entire towns and villages rounded up, put on trains, marched into gas chambers and incinerated. Knowing brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, best friends who were put to death by the state because of their religious background.

Consider what it must be like to go through such horrors at the hands of the Nazis and then years later turn on your T.V. and watch some young woman at an economic development protest holding a sign comparing Bush to Hitler, crying out as a “victim” of republican policies. Imagine having lived through real atrocities and knowing that after the young woman has wiped away her tears of anger, rather than mourning the state sponsored killings of her friends she will get into her comfy Volvo and go with them to the mall.

Worse yet, consider what it must be like for our Nazi survivor to turn on C-Span and see Senator Byrd, an ex-klansman who actively promoted racism, attempting to leverage the suffering of millions of Nazi victims for his own political gain. Disgraceful.

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