Monday Morning Musings

Is it just me or are there a whole lot of those infomercials on at all times of the day and night? Not the full 30 or 60 minute ones that are generally on in the middle of the night, but 2 or 3 or 4 minute commercials on the cable channels.

There’s Billy (Mom, why does that man yell all the time?) Mays hawking a few “Mighty” products Mighty Mendit with Mighty Gemit, Mighty Putty, Hercules Hooks, the Awesome Auger and it’s accessories, OxyClean in all it’s versions and even health insurance. Now there’s the Big City Slider Station. If you believe the commercial as it stands, you just put 5 balls of ground meat on the pan, put the lid on, take it off and there’s 5 mini burgers steaming and ready to eat. That’s the problem with the mini-infomercial format I guess. In a half hour format Billy would be able to actually take the 5 or 10 minutes that the burgers need to cook on the stove to show how it works.

There’s Debbie Meyer and all her bags. First there were Green Bags, then Bread Bags, and now cheese bags and cold cuts bags.

Cathy Mitchell pitches all sorts of handy kitchen gadgets: folding colanders, the Pasta N More, GT Express, Gemagic (not kitchen, this one), and more.

Vince Offer uses his headset microphone to help him show us his ShamWows (you following me camera guy?) and now the new Slapshot and Graty (You’re gonna love my nuts!).

Anthony Sullivan does the swivel sweeper and the one sweep and stick up bulbs. Now he’s doing the point n paint. But I noticed on the commercial that it says, in writing, that it’s got a “built in poll [sic] adapter” at the end of the commercial.

Then, of course, there are the many mini-infomercials for all sorts of products like the Clever Clasp, the Listen-up, the My Lil Reminder, the Snuggy, and their clones. The same woman in the Aqua Globes commercial is in the Handy Hangers commercial. The little girl who is fascinated by the Lord’s Prayer in the necklace is also nice and cozy in her Snuggy. The old lady with the bluetooth like hearing enhancer (Bingo!) is also cozy knitting in the Snuggy, while the old lady who couldn’t remember where she parked in the My Lil Reminder commercial also can’t get her necklace on without a Clever Clasp.

I think all those commercials have the same female narrator too.

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