Daily Archives: September 15, 2008

Thirty Years

That’s the number bandied about by the Obama camp and surrogates trying to say that McCain’s been in Washington that long so he doesn’t represent a change.

Joe Biden’s been in the senate for 36 years.

Isn’t 36 longer than 30?

Monday Morning Musings

Saturday, in a completely separate storm from Ike, we got a record amount of rain. We didn’t sleep well from rain all night (Friday into Saturday), and then in the morning we realized the sump pump wasn’t going on.

Hubby went down into the dungeon (our 4 foot, concrete floored crawlspace) and found 6 inches of water. He got the sump working (the float was caught on something and didn’t trip the switch to start the pump). We’re going to have to start removing everything that was stored down there. Lots of video tapes, but we don’t even have a tape player anymore… Everything else that was down there was also ruined. No Christmas tree – have to get a new one this year…

The front and back yards also were flooded on Saturday.

Sunday, Ike arrived. More rain. Sump running on and off, on and off, on and off…

Birds are sheltering on the front porch.

One is sheltering inside the house. We found her last Monday just before it started raining. She’s a baby Cockatiel.

Sunshine the baby cockatiel

Sunshine the baby cockatiel