Monday Morning Musings

What is it with some of these commercials?

Charmin has these blue and pink bears. The latest commercial says that kids use too much toilet paper, but with Charmin’s new thicker paper, kids don’t need as much to feel clean.

Kids will take too much paper no matter what you tell them about how little it takes with new thicker Charmin.

Or they won’t use any at all. That’s kids for you.

There’s a commercial for Liberator Medical where Holly tells you that she had to reuse catheters because she was only allowed so many catheters and wasn’t allowed new, sterile ones every time she had to catheterize herself. She says her mom told her about Liberator Medical but she was wary of talking to strangers.

Holly – its a business, not strangers. It’s not like having to ask someone you don’t know who lives a few blocks over to come help you catheterize yourself.

The commercial also notes that due to a new Medicare ruling people are entitled to a new, sterile catheter every time. So Liberator isn’t really helping her get new catheters, Medicare made ruling. She should be able to new catheters from anywhere.

And there’s the AARP Supplemental medicare commercials. A man and two ladies (they share the sentence) say that once they found out AARP endorsed the plans they just knew the plans were right…

Well, what I have to ask is this: If you called AARP to find out about plans, wouldn’t you expect that they would endorse the plans they’re trying to sell to you?

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