Daily Archives: August 20, 2008

Breathless Anticipation

That’s the media regarding VP picks on both sides.

You’ll know when you know.

Just wait and see.

Stop stressing out over rumours of this and rumours of that.

Quote of the Day

Overheard on the Kelly’s Court segment of American’s Newroom on FNC this morning. They were discussing the Bigfoot hoax, where a couple of guys sold a frozen rubber gorilla suit saying it was a real, dead, Bigfoot to Tom Biscardi.

Mark Eiglarsh said it was fraud and Lee Armstrong had the line…

You know, the law protects the weak, it doesn’t protect the stupid.

Love that line.

He continued with: If somebody calls you up and says, “I have Bigfoot in a fridge get out your checkbook,” and you write a check and it turns out you don’t recover, I wouldn’t be so surprised. Let’s treat this like an intervention, “Hey Mark, here’s breaking news, Bigfoot probably not real, unicorns, leprechauns not real either.”

Megyn Kelly: Next you’re going to be taking aim at Santa.

Lee Armstrong: No. Never. That’s totally real, especially for any kids that are watching. One last point: Loch Ness Monster is real. How do I know Mark? He’s swimming in my pool right now and I will offer him to you for $200. Now when you don’t get it and it turns out to be a float don’t be surprised if the police start laughing at you.