Daily Archives: June 11, 2008

Visit Ocean City

Before the seas boil away!

This is the real mayor of Ocean City and it’s a real commercial. Love it!

Steak Off a Truck

So, I’m sitting here watching the news and the dogs start barking. I go to the door, and there’s a guy standing there. He asks if I like steak, he has a couple extra in his truck to sell.

He’s dressed in jeans and a plain white t-shirt with a folded bandana as a headband. He points over to a maroon pickup with another guy sitting in it when says he has a couple extra in his truck.

There’s no logo of any kind on the truck or on the guy’s t-shirt. He is not sporting a badge of any kind. He doesn’t say what company he’s with.

I, of course, said, “No thanks.”

They’ve come around before and I’ve always said no. I guess they do get some suckers to buy from them, but it sure sounds shady to me. I would never buy meat from someone I didn’t know, grocery stores and Omaha Steak stores aside.

Maybe that’s how Denny Crane got “the mad cow”, maybe he bought meat from a stranger out of a pickup truck.


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