Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Parade

We had a nice parade in town with participation from the Navy (there’s a base nearby).

Memorial Day ParadeMemorial Day Parade

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Then there was the S.W.A.T. vehicle…

SWAT vehicle

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And then there was the idiot who thought that the Parade didn’t matter, he could drive out onto the main parade route … and hit a child who was going for candy thrown from the floats. The child was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Our prayers are with the child and his or her family. These ambulances were not participating in the parade, sadly they had to be doing their jobs…

Ambulances at the parade

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Monday Morning Musings

It’s Memorial Day. A day to get together with family and friends and to remember those who are no longer with us.

I hear people talking about how in the duel of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that Barack Obama just doesn’t seem to be able to “close the deal” on the nomination. No one says that about Hillary Clinton. But she doesn’t seem to be able to “close the deal” either…

Apparently Ellen DeGeneres asked John McCain to walk her down the aisle when she marries her girlfriend Portia De Rossi. The next day she asked Laura Bush and Jenna Hager if she could get married at the Crawford ranch.  Of course she can’t. Even if she could get married in California, the ranch is in Texas…

A note to Republicans who really don’t like McCain: Sitting this one out or voting for third party instead is what got us Clinton 42. Do we really want Clinton 44 or Obama?

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, there’s a group that is suing the city for discrimination. They say that they are allergic to WiFi and want it removed from public buildings because it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Overlawyered, 5/23). So, somehow these people can tell when there are WiFi or cell phone signals nearby because they have physical symptoms. These people believe that by having WiFi removed from public buildings their symptoms will be relieved. Uh, no.  Even if the WiFi were removed from public buildings in Santa Fe, there’s still all the private WiFi out there. Offices, Panera Bread, Starbucks, McDonalds and more. Unless, somehow, it’s only WiFi in public buildings that causes the symptoms…