Daily Archives: May 7, 2008

Lost a Tooth

The Little Guy lost a top front tooth today. The Tooth Fairy will be leaving him a Thank You card.

We were eating Cheetos and hadn’t yet brushed our teeth…

34FFF and She Wants Bigger

Sheila Hershey, 28 of Houston - photo credit MyFoxHoustonShe has a quart of silicone in each breast and she wants to increase that amount. She’s 28 years old now, can you imagine her at 58? It sure would be hard to walk, what with bumping your breasts with your knees with every step!

Sheyla’s MySpace page.

Story at FoxNews, more at MyFoxHouston – with video!


Clinton loaned her campaign $6.4 million out of her pocket over the past month to try to keep pace with Obama, including $1.4 million in the past week, aides said. It was the second time she has dipped into her personal fortune to fund her presidential bid.

“She did this in order to remain competitive with Senator Obama on television,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said. “The loans are a sign of Senator Clinton’s commitment to the race, commitment to continuing the process and a commitment to being competitive with Senator Obama.” (emphasis mine)

That’s what Reuters reported today. I think, however, that donating to her own campaign would show more commitment. Mrs. Clinton expects others to donate to her campaign, those people are not “loaning” the campaign money, those people don’t get any money back.

If Mrs. Clinton really wants to show her commitment to her own campaign, she’ll donate to her own campaign, not loan the campaign money.