Daily Archives: April 5, 2007


Ah, Chicagoland, where one can experience all four seasons in as many days… Monday was spring – upper 40°’s, Tuesday 70°, Wednesday 31° and snow!, Thursday 39.6°…Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall all in four days…


Sanjaya is still Dancing Cheek to Cheek and Gina’s “Smile”(ing) though her heart is breaking. What a song to have to sing as your “swan song” when voted off Idol… Good luck in the future Gina, my fellow Illinoisian…

Hot Links

Ann Althouse is photo- and video-blogging her vacation in Austin. This is an interesting looking place.

The Anchoress points us to an essay by CBS’s Dick Meyers about “the scolds” and discusses Terrorism on Ten Speeds in San Francisco. I am so glad this “ride” did not occur when we were there last summer.

Basil serves up hot links every day.

Beldar discusses the difference between “bought” and “sought”.

Betsy discusses the advantages of being in the last two years of the second term of the presidency. The NYT title of the linked article? Bush Defies Democrats with Recess Appointments. Didn’t the Democrats first defy Bush by refusing to consider his nominees? Reading further into the article, the Times concedes that recess appointments are indeed allowed by the constitution and noted that:

The Bush administration withdrew Mr. Fox’s nomination for the ambassadorship on March 28, after it became clear that Democratic senators were lining up against him to settle a score.