Daily Archives: April 19, 2007

Crazy Week

It is certainly crazy week this week. There was a tragedy and an anniversary of another tragedy and school lock-downs for called in threats, suspicious packages, and other reasons.

I went to pick my older son up from school and all the school buses were in the Home Depot parking lot next door instead of in the circle drive at the school as they usually are. Most of the students were in groups near the road instead of just coming out of the school as they should have been. I pulled into the small parking lot between the Home Depot and the circle drive just as a fire truck and ambulance were arriving with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

He was waiting where he was supposed to be waiting, at the edge of the Home Depot lot. He saw me pull into the regular lot and came running. When he got into the truck he told me that someone had pulled the fire alarm just before school let out. He had his backpack, but his coat was left behind. Ah well, he’ll get it tomorrow.

That situation is not what a  parent wants to see when arriving to pick up a child from school. This has been a very crazy week.