25 Years Ago Today

I was at work as an accounts receivable clerk for a fairly large corporation. We heard on the radio that President [tag]Reagan[/tag] had been shot. We had a Western Union machine, so I called up UPI or AP on the machine and printed the story out right from the “wire”. What a day.

So many changes since then. Now we can just go “on the net” to find out information. How many offices have telex machines any more? You used to have to type out your message which then produced a piece of paper tape with holes in it. Then you fed the paper tape through the machine which sent the message. Now you just type on the screen. And if you make a mistake, you just backspace and retype. Then you had to start over again from the beginning…

Showing my age, I guess.

Where were you and what were you doing?

Betsy has thoughts as well.

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