Helpful Hints

Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred have a great post of helpful hints.

I’ve been thinking of posting these for a few days, and Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred have given me a great opportunity to do so.

These two hints are processed food related.

Hint # 1: When making instant oatmeal for a child, put the dry oatmeal and half the water called for in a bowl. Mix well. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. When it’s done, add cold milk for the other half of the water called for. Mix well again. The oatmeal has a good consistency and is cool enough for a small child to eat.

Hint #2: When preparing boxed macaroni and cheese, drain the macaroni and leave the strainer in the sink, full of noodles. Put the butter (or margarine) and the milk in the pot and heat until the butter is melted. Turn off the heat. Add the cheese powder and stir until creamy. Take the strainer full of noodles out of the sink, dump into the pot of cheese sauce, stir and serve. This ensures that the cheese sauce is creamy and not lumpy at all.

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