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Terry McAuliffe on Fox News

Bill Hemmer just interviewed Terry McAuliffe on Fox News Live… (all emphasis mine)
{Rep Murtha’s name has been corrected}

Ian (that wonderful young man) has posted the video at Political Teen.

Hemmer: Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe is my guest here now in D.C. and we welcome you, Terry, here. Welcome to Washington.

McAuliffe: Very good to see you.

Hemmer: It is downright nasty in this town.

McAuliffe: Well…

Hemmer: Is this just the precursor for what we’re seeing in midterm elections, 12 months from now, in November of 2006?

McAuliffe: I think, Bill, people are very upset. We’ve lost over 2,000 troops, we’ve spent 200 billion dollars, we have a mess on our hands in Iraq today. And it’s not, you know they’re trying to blame the democrats, I remind you that two days ago they voted in the United States Senate, bipartisan, 79 to 19 a no confidence vote in George Bush and Dick Cheney. And you saw Senator Hagel the other day come out against the Republicans saying it would be unpatriotic not to ask these kind of questions.

{A “No Confidence” vote? Is that what that was? I’m sure McAuliffe wishes that the United States had a Parliment. Then, an actual no confidence vote would result in new elections, almost immediately. Too bad for him we don’t have a Parliment. We have regularly scheduled elections and McAuliffe is stuck with President Bush and Vice President Cheney until noon on January 20, 2009.}
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Cats & Dogs…Living Together…

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This is Raven (left) and Bitsy (right). Bitsy likes to cuddle, so she cuddled with Raven last night, and Raven let her for a while.