Rader Gets 10 Life Sentences

The BTK Killer was sentenced to 10 life sentences today.

Fox News has the story:

WICHITA, Kan. — BTK serial killer Dennis Rader (search) was sentenced Thursday to life in prison, with no chance of ever going free.

Rader, 60, who terrorized the Wichita area and taunted police during a 17-year murder spree from 1974 to 1991, received 10 consecutive life sentences — one for each of his victims — for a minimum of 175 years behind bars without the chance of parole.

It was the longest possible sentence Judge Gregory Waller could deliver. Kansas had no death penalty at the time the killings were committed.

He has a life to live, unlike his victims, whose lives were cut so tragically short. Hopefully, he’ll use the time to reflect on his crimes, but I don’t think he will…

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