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Monday Morning Musings

And they expected, what? Human bone found at Glenwood-area cemetery


Health insurance should be out of the realm of your employment, except as for a pre-tax dollars benefit perhaps.

President Obama talks about how we’ll be able to keep our insurance if we like it. What if I don’t like the plans that my employer offers for me to choose from and I don’t want the ‘public option’?

Health insurance should be available like auto insurance, home/renter’s insurance, and life insurance. You should be able to get the exact coverage you need, rather than one of two or four ‘one size fits all most’ plans through your employer.

If State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Progressive and others were able to offer health insurance, there’s your groups. If health insurance weren’t tied to your job, you wouldn’t be stuck in a job you hate for insurance benefits that you need. If you are between jobs, the insurance won’t really cost you more – or at least not nearly as much more as COBRA coverage currently does.

Update: Dafydd at Big Lizards has similar thoughts on insurance, more thoughts, and better written thoughts…