Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

A New Axis of Evil

There seems to be a new ‘Axis of Evil’ in the U.S.

It started with those Evil mortgage companies and Banks. All they wanted was evil profit and they stepped on all those regular people and cheated them for evil profit.

Then there was Evil AIG. Profit driven. And then they had the temerity to want to pay bonuses after being bailed out by benevolent government.

There’s always Evil Big Oil. Remember that they posted the biggest profits EVAH!

Big Pharma is ALL about evil profits.

And Evil Business both big and small. Profits! All they want are profits!

Now as of last night, it’s also Evil Health Insurers who won’t pay for needed health care. But we shouldn’t pay for that which won’t make us healthy. And it’s now also Evil Doctors and Nurses and Hospitals who want to sell you the more expensive Red Pill instead of the cheaper Blue Pill. Evil Doctors and Nurses and Hospitals who instead of giving you some Zyrtec and some Chloraseptic lozenges or spray want to perform expensive, invasive surgery to remove your tonsils because there’s more Profit in it.

So we have Business, Insurance, Banks, Pharma, and now Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals in our new ‘Axis of Evil’.

There’s one group that I don’t see there. One group that it seems should be allowed to make as much profit as they can, especially off of the all the others. One group that you won’t see added to this ‘Axis of Evil’ because then who would be around to sue members of this ‘Axis of Evil’ for the good of the proletariat?

You won’t see ‘tort reform’ fought for with as much vigor as ‘health care reform’ (now ‘health insurance reform’ ) even though torts are a very large part of increased costs in both actual health care and with insurance costs. People sue for adverse outcomes rather than actual medical malpractice. People sue because the Blue Pill, even though it’s cheaper, doesn’t work for the patient as well as the Red Pill that’s more expensive. Different people have different reactions to the exact same medication for the exact same malady.

I can no longer take aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications. I get ulcers now. For years nothing adverse happened with those meds. I took them all the time. Side effects, even those that very rare, are listed with medications, in the Physicians Desk Reference, with patient information, in TV and Radio commercials. Some of these sources have more detailed information, some less, some commercials are 2 minutes or longer in order to add in more information. Many people with not have any of the side effects associated with the medication. You need to make an informed decsion and your doctor can help you. Is the risk of a side effect worth the benefit from the medication? In order to alleviate some symptom, is it worth a temporary dry mouth, or bad taste?

For me, the ulcer side effect has made NSAIDs and Aspirin analgesics that no longer have benefit. Pain meds that might alleviate pain in one area, but cause more pain in another have no value for me. Now I’m on Acetominophen based analgesics. There are issue with those too. Big issues with liver function. So now I make sure that liver function tests are done as a part of regular blood testing. Even with taking less than the maximum each day, there could still be issues.

So Trial Lawyers seem to be exempt from the ‘Axis of Evil’ – but then again, Congress seems to be in their pocket. John Edwards wealth was all derived from these types of lawsuits. Cases where science seems to disprove his theories of causation, but juries awarded anyway. His clients got money. And so did he. Lots of it. But there’s nothing about evil trial lawyers. And there won’t.