Monday Morning Musings

This has been a really cruddy summer. I should be harvesting some of my tomatoes and certainly some zucchini by now, but it’s been too cold. I couldn’t even get my tomato plants into the ground until June and I usually plant around Mothers’ Day weekend or the weekend after at the latest.

My Early Girl tomato plant has three green tomatoes on it. My cherry tomato plant has quite a few green tomatoes. The Beefmaster and Sweet 100’s tomatoes don’t have any fruit yet. My Grape tomato plants were knocked over by a storm on June 19th and I had to replace them that next week so they are still small. So is the Roma tomato plant I purchased with the replacement Grapes.

My Sweet Banana peppers are small, but fruiting at least. My zucchini and straight neck yellow squash have blossomed, but then there’s no fruit. It may have been rabbits, so I’ve added some fencing. I have one cucumber on each my two different cucumber plants, one a Japanese cucumber, the other a Burpless Bush cucumber.

My cauliflower, Brussels’ Sprouts, and eggplant are not doing very well yet, but I have hope.

Even my herbs are negatively impacted by this summer weather. The only one that’s doing really well is the thyme.
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