Daily Archives: April 6, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

Found Mike’s Harder Lemonade (must be 21 to enter). It is definitely harder. And quite good.

Woke up to snow again today. Started yesterday afternoon. It started as sleet, then was sleet mixed with snow, then went to snow by itself. Streets were okay, but grass, roofs, etc were covered once again. Just not as bad as it was last Sunday.

I’m working on designing my Easter cake. Making some gum paste flowers and deciding what to  bake. By that I mean what shapes to bake (rectangular, square, round) and how to assemble them and shape them after that. I will post pictures of the final product, and perhaps some intermediate pictures as well as I continue on my new journey baking cakes.

We saw a few good movies this weekend. Marley and Me is cute. Seven Pounds is really sad, but very good. Will Smith is such a good actor. Remember a box of Kleenex for Seven Pounds. We also watched a film called What Just Happened with Robert DeNiro, Robin Wright Penn, John Turturo, Stanley Tucci, Bruce Willis (as himself), Catherine Keener, and Sean Penn (as himself). It’s a strange movie about the film industry in Hollywood. We do get to see Sean Penn die many times during the course of the film (as a result of watching the ending of the film within the film several times).