Daily Archives: January 19, 2009

For New York's Junior Senate Seat

If Governor Paterson is going to appoint someone to fill Hillary Clinton’s seat, perhaps he should choose Charlie Rangel. That way Roland Burris won’t be alone in the Senate and we can get Charlie off the House Ways and Means Committee.

Monday Morning Musings

Just some silly stuff this morning:

1. How do you install your toilet paper roll?
a. Paper feeds from over the top
b. Paper feeds from below
c. Whichever way it happens to land

2. Speaking of toilet paper, are you a
a. buncher
b. folder

3. Do you clean the lint filter in the dryer…
a. after every load
b. before every load

4. Which do you like better
a. coffee
b. tea
c. soda pop
d. Booze

5. Do you snack on…
a. packaged snack foods (salty – chips, pretzels, etc)
b. packaged snack foods (sweet – cookies, snack cakes, Twinkies, etc)
c. fresh fruits and veggies.

There are no right answers to this little “quiz” and it won’t tell you anything about yourself or what kind of anything you are… Just a few silly questions.