Daily Archives: March 29, 2007


La Shawn is looking for testimonies of how one came to Christ. I left mine in her comments but I am reprinting it here as well.

Please feel free to leave yours in both places if you feel so moved.

When I was 16 years old I had a dream that everyone I knew and everyone I loved worshiped the devil. I tried and tried to get them back in my dream, but they wouldn’t come. I woke terrified, my heart racing.

I spent the next 40 or so minutes repeating again and again, Jesus Loves Me. Jesus is my Saviour. Jesus died for my sins. Jesus loves me. Jesus is my Saviour. Jesus died for my sins.

Finally, after repeating that for about 40 minutes, I was calm again. My heart was beating normally. I was no longer terrified.

If I hadn’t had my faith in Christ, I am sure I would have been lost, would have had to have been institutionalized, in a rubber room with a well fitted white jacket.

The devil tried to get my soul. With Christ’s help, he failed miserably.

Thank you Jesus, You have saved me more than once.