Daily Archives: January 23, 2007

Airline Removes Three-Year-Old Terror and Family

Good for AirTran Airways.

The flight from Ft. Myers to Boston was already 15 minutes late taking off when little Elly refused to get in her seat. The flight could not take off without all passengers in their seats and belted. Being three years old, Elly had to have her own seat and be belted into it. According to the airline the child was also hitting her parents and trying to get under the seat.

The airline personnel asked Elly and her parents to leave the plane. Good for them. They said,

The flight was already delayed 15 minutes and in fairness to the other 112 passengers on the plane, the crew made an operational decision to remove the family.

The airline refunded their purchase price and got them on another flight and also offered three round-trip tickets to anywhere AirTran flies. The father said that they would never fly AirTran again.

I’ll fly AirTran anytime they’re going where I’m going from where I am.

I’ve flown with three-year-olds, and babies, and most recently with a five-year-old on his very first flight. I’ve never had a problem getting any child in an airline seat and keeping them there.

On the other hand, I have well behaved (at least in public) children. I set limits and the children mostly abide by them. Children need and want limits. Julie and Gerry Kulesza were inconvenienced by having to leave the plane. The other 112 passengers got to fly to their destination reasonably on time and without having to listen to a screaming three-year-old all the way to Boston.

I hope Elly was a bit better behaved on the flight they actually took.