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Idol Seattle

Semi- livebogging…

Da Hotness – Not…

Darwin (Misha): That’s definitely her mother…

Tommy wants to ride the elevator to the top. Third audition. Doesn’t really stand out. But they liked him…

Melissa (Carlene) had a big voice…

Blake: what’s with the rap record skipping stuff? Paula likes him, Simon not as much, but he gets through.

David Mills: not quite William Hung… He said it was a definite wake up call. That’s good. He can get a life now.

Brother and Sister. They’re cute. Shyamali’s pretty good, Summertime… Sanjaya doing Stevie Wonder. He can sing too. Simon and Randy like him better. He’s going to Hollywood too!

Nicholas: He does instrumentals… He doesn’t know what makes him unique… Unchained Melody. Almost thought he sang “Lolita” in there… my ears hurt. Also bad, but no William Hung.
Sometimes he scares himself.

Rudy – Open Arms (Journey): The highs were a bit off, Simon doesn’t like him, Paula loves him, Randy says yes as well.

[House returns January 30th, yeah! and Prison Break before 24 on Monday!]

Kenneth: Little fella. He is very confident. Close to William Hung. Paula: I think you’re awesome. Like a firecracker.

Kenneth gives Jonathan good advice: Try your hardest and have fun with it. You’ll see my amazing personality if you get me through. God Bless America. Starts okay, then he can’t hit the notes. Kenneth has his arms crossed for Jonathan. Kenneth is a good friend even though they only just met.

They’re doing background on Eric. He must make it. That’s the way it worked last night. Maybe not. The consensus: he’s no Taylor Hicks.

Anna is TALL. Can she sing? Aretha Franklin Respect. She can belt. Glad she made it.

Jordin, another 16 year old. Celine Dion song. She can belt. Hit the high note right. She has control. She is good. Simon, too sugary? He likes her though. Golden ticket time.

Big Red – who is up next – looks like he is the star of those campfire stories about the axe murderer with the hook for a hand that kills the young couples in their cars…

After hearing him speak – that description seems even more true.

I’ve never liked Carrot Top.

My ears hurt before he sings Bohemian Rhapsody.

OMG! I can’t believe that they’re not actually on the floor.

Next week Memphis.


“Hillary Clinton is formidable. By all intents and purposes she’s been through four national campaigns. Two with President Bill Clinton, her two senate races are national. So she had the luxury of waiting and the bank account to go with it.” – Mary Anne Marsh on Fox in response to a question about Barack Obama getting the jump on her…

Twin Cities Idol

Watched [tag]American Idol[/tag] last night, Hubby watched for the first time. Lots of laughter…

Some thoughts…

Denise did a great job. She has a great voice and knows where it came from. She has overcome a lot of adversity in her short life as well.

Perla reminds me a bit of Charo – I can see her doing a Coochie-Coochie shimmy.

Jason the Juggler was a bad sport. Sixteen and wants to start out famous. Doesn’t want to do any of the work involved…

The guy in the all American outfit with the boxing gloves… What can I say? His voice was okay. He was doing Josh Groban songs. If he’d dressed more appropriately to the music he may have gotten a Golden Ticket.

We have a soldier and a sailor. That’s great. Our soldier has been married two months longer than her husband has been in Baghdad. She’s ready to go if her unit is called. She joined to defend this country. Our prayers are with them and their families. Every service member and their family…

The little blonde was cute and has a voice that definitely has potential.

Trista, I think her name was, would be quite fine as the Cowardly Lion in a local production of The Wizard of Oz. Nothing else.

If the kid with the raspy singing voice had actually used his own voice instead of that forced voice he might have been good. Jewell was right in that he can really do damage to his vocal cords if he insists on continuing like that.

To most of the contestants: Don’t quit your day job.

Finally, the boy who broke my heart. I don’t know his name, but he did get to move on to the next round. He’s 16 and said his folks weren’t there with him for financial reasons. He said he’s in choir and other competitions and they can’t go to them all. Then he sang and won the opportunity to go on to the next round in Hollywood. He called his mom on his cell phone and he was so excited, telling her that he’s going to the next round. Then he said to the camera, “She’s proud of me!” and he fell to his knees. I had the feeling that he’d been trying to please her for years and felt he wasn’t quite up to par. Now she’s proud of him.

I hope he goes on successfully. I certainly hope he can avoid becoming Wilhelmina from Ugly Betty. Wilhelmina has never been able to please her father, the Senator. Nothing she’s achieved has been good enough for him. So now she’s a bitch.

Tonight: Seattle.