Daily Archives: January 9, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Laura Lee from The Wide Awake Cafe tagged me with this meme. Almost everyone I would have tagged with it has been tagged already. The Anchoress did hers here. I think Sissy Willis was tagged twice. I don’t think Lady Jane‘s been tagged yet so I’ll tag her.

    1. Laura Lee spoke of her high school drama experience so I’ll speak of mine. I had the same drama teacher as Gary Sinise (he graduated three years before I got there – now you can figure out how old I am…~). Mrs. Barbara Patterson was a terrific drama teacher. She was short, blonde, and stood in first postion (ballet) most of the time. She wore black a lot.

    2. For a friend’s directing class (Mrs. Patterson taught that too) I did Linda Loman’s speech to Willy’s grave from Death of a Salesman.

    3. I was one of 100 students chosen to apply and one of 12 students chosen to participate for a new program in high school called Experience Based Education. As a result, my senior year first semester classes were dance, drawing and family living 2nd semester classes were dance, drawing and painting. My afternoons were spent interning at different businesses in the area. I worked at a graphic design firm, a company that made videos and slideshows, a local radio station, a pre-school, and a public school with a deaf education program. My senior year of high school was great.

    4. I love to cook. I make stuff up all the time. When I joined the Army, my test scores revealed that I could do anything but Combat Arms (not a man) and cook. I believe it is because my test scores revealed that I wouldn’t follow the recipes to the letter. I mostly use recipes as a guideline.

    5. I will be going for an MBA once I receive my bachelor’s in business, eBusiness in the spring.