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Don't Pardon Libby

Scooter Libby hasn’t even been tried yet, let alone convicted.

There can be no “pre-emptive” pardons. That would only indicate that guilt is presumed (which we know is the position of some).

COgirl at Hang Right Politics thinks a pardon should wait until after the elections, I think it should wait for a conviction (if there ever will be one). I wonder if the Scooter Libby case might not quietly go away…

The Wilson’s lawyer seems to be saying that they won’t be adding Armitage to the suit against Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld because he wasn’t ‘a part of the conspiracy‘(paraphrase). Joe, listen to the WaPo, it was you and you alone who “outed” your wife and that wasn’t even a crime because there was no “outing”

Who is it?


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• Talking Action Figure has a 4 min. audio chip allowing it to speak 25 different phrases in the Presidents own Voice!
• Figures are limited in production and include an individually numbered certificate of authenticity
• Figures also include a biographical pamphlet that includes rare photos and a comprehensive timeline specific to each figure.
• Figures come dressed in period correct clothing that has been hand tailored to suit the figure
• Figure come in an attractive display box however, the figures also include a fully adjustable doll stand for displaying the figure outside of the box

Via Amy Welborn (read the comments!) H/T Instapundit.


Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Captain Ed points us to the DCCC not paying minimum wage to workers it hires in Wisconsin to go door to door trying to raise money for the Democrats by highlighting minimum wage issues!

They don’t think they have to pay minimum because they are exempt under several excuses (with which the Wisconsin Department of Labor does not agree).

As Mark at Blogs for Bush says, kinda reminds you of the Unions hiring people to protest outside Walmarts and not paying either minimum wages or benefits.

Higher taxes for the rich, but only after we’ve sheltered our own riches…

Betsy’s on it too.