I posted this late last night and I have some more thoughts about it now.

Right after 9/11, shots of the World Trade Center, shot before the attacks, were deleted from many movies. The one that comes to mind immediately was a scene, shown in the original trailer, from Spiderman. The scene showed a helicopter caught in a giant web strung between the Towers. This scene was deleted from the movie. I thought, perhaps, they’d include it as a deleted scene on the DVD, but they didn’t. Wikipedia has a list of movies and and some TV shows that were affected by 9/11 here.

In some movies the Towers were digitally removed from scenes.

This has always bothered me. Why remove them? The Towers stood until a group of religious zealots, out to take over the world, destroyed them and thousands of people inside. Removing the Towers from the films made it seem as if they had never existed. That just wasn’t right.

That was why I was so glad to see the Towers in the Lost Episode.

How do you feel about this? Please leave comments, I’m really very interested in other’s opinions on this subject.

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