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Pryor Confirmation

As they were calling the votes, I was able to predict individual votes pretty easily.
Nelson of NE voted Aye.
Salazar of CO voted Aye.
Chaffee, Snowe, Collins Nay
Jeffords, Murkowski did not vote

Confirm Them:

We won, Ted Kennedy lost

Oh frabjous day, Callooh, Callay!!!!!
Bill Pryor has a lifetime appointment to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals! We won! Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer and all their smear jobs failed. They lost. We won, they lost. Pryor is a lifetime judge. I can’t stop saying it. This is so cool. We won, they lost. We beat Teddy K. Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!

William Pryor (11th): Ayes: 53 Nays: 45

Roll Call will/should be is here.

Janice Rogers Brown – 56-43 Confirmed!

The Senate voted to confirm Janice Rogers Brown 56-43. Bill Frist is calling for cloture on William H. Pryor.

Update: All Republicans and Ben Nelson (NE) voted for Judge Brown.
Update: Roll Call results will be are here.

Update: Final tally on cloture for Judge Pryor: 67-32 to agree to cloture. The final up or down vote is scheduled for tomorrow at 4 pm EDT.
Update: Roll Call result are here.

Dems voting for Cloture on Judge Pryor: Bingaman (NM), Byrd (WV), Carper (DE), Conrad (ND), Inouye (HI), Johnson (SD), Landrieu (LA), Lieberman (CT), Nelson (FL), Nelson (NE), Pryor (AR), and Salazar (CO).

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More on He Gets Life, She has the Right to an Abortion

Charmaine Yoest at Reasoned Audacity has more on this story as well as links to the Pro-Abortion side. In comments on my first post He Gets Life, She Has the Right to an Abortion, Elisa asks, “How are the abortion rights people spinning it?”

They had named the twins Eric and Gerardo, Jr. after their parents. Does this mean that they’d had ultrasounds? They knew the sex of the children that they then deliberately and violently destroyed? I’ve also noticed that the Entrenched Media is saying that Gerardo merely “stepped on” Erica’s stomach. This report from the Houston Press says:

Erica lay on the bedroom floor, and Jerry, about five foot eight and 180 pounds, stepped onto her stomach, just above the navel. Then he pressed his K-Swiss sneakers into her flesh. Their statements vary as to how often they repeated this process. Jerry said it was two or three times during the week leading up to the miscarriage; Erica said he stepped on her twice in the two weeks prior to the miscarriage.

Stepped on her stomach and then pressed his sneakers in. 180 pounds. That’s not just stepped on, that’s stood on.
Debate Link has a post with quotes and links from others on the Pro-Abortion side.

Immigration Blog Thought Experiment

The Immigration Blog is looking for bloggers “who support guest worker programs and/or for those who don’t strongly oppose illegal immigration” to answer a few questions and trackback to the Immigration Blog post with their answers.

If we absolutely had to deport a significant portion of the illegal aliens currently in the U.S. as quickly as possible, how could we do it? If you need numbers, assume 1 to 2 million within 6 months. Please give a specific plan and succinctly describe two or three scenarios (favorable, unfavorable) for how that plan might work out from beginning to end.

For rules and more information click here.

Freedom of Choice

Over at The Corner, K.J. Lopez has a post with a survey from NARAL showing that 80% of respondents say that pharmacists should not be able to refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control based on their religious beliefs.

Should pharmacists who personally oppose birth control for religious reasons be able to refuse to sell birth control pills to women who have a prescription for them, or should pharmacists not be able to refuse to sell birth control pills?

Should be able to refuse ………………………..16
Should NOT be able to refuse……………….80
(Don’t know)………………………………………….4

The problem that I have with this, as well as IL Gov Blagojevich’s emergency rule to require pharmacists to supply “birth control” to patients with prescriptions is that they are including “Morning After” prescriptions. I believe that the complaint in Illinois that precipitated Gov Blagojevich’s action was that a pharmacist wouldn’t fill a prescription for “Morning After” pills. “Morning After” pills are meant to terminate a possible pregnancy right in its tracks. Birth Control pills are meant to prevent ovulation, thereby preventing conception in the first place. Lumping “Morning After” pills in with contraception is incredibly misleading. “Morning After” pills are an abortificant, not contraception. Why don’t they try their question again, worded this way:

Should pharmacists who personally oppose abortion for religious reasons be able to refuse to sell “morning after” pills to women who have a prescription for them, or should pharmacists not be able to refuse to sell “Morning After” pills?

There are plenty of pharmacists and pharmacies across the US. If one won’t fill your prescription, go to another. Free market. Doctor’s offices are also capable of stocking and filling prescriptions right in the office. Don’t force pharmacists to fill prescriptions that they would rather not.

Addendum: But, of course, to NARAL abortion is birth control. I mean, you’re controlling whether or not someone is born, no?


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He Gets Life, She Has a Right to An Abortion…

Gerardo Flores was convicted on two counts of murder for helping his girlfriend kill their unborn babies. After about four months, she decided she’d rather have had an abortion, and started to hit herself and tried other methods to induce a miscarriage. When she was unsuccessful, she enlisted the help of her boyfriend in terminating the pregnancy.

The defense argued that his jumping on her stomach wasn’t necessarily the cause of the miscarriage, it might have been her hitting herself or a combination thereof.

She wasn’t charged because of her “right to an abortion.”

Gerardo got life in prison.

They both should have been charged, convicted and sentenced.

AP story here.

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Entrenched Media Strikes Again

From GOP Bloggers comes this story: Media Bias is Insidious

The UK Guardian has the AP lead:

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israeli police stormed a disputed Jerusalem holy site Monday, hurling stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Palestinian worshippers who were throwing stones at police and Jewish visitors.

GOP Bloggers suggests that the lead could be rewritten:

JERUSALEM — Hundreds of Palestinian worshippers hurled stones at Jewish visitors to a holy site Monday, prompting Israeli police to intervene and employ stun grenades.

I agree with this. But, in the entrenched media, Palestinian misbehavior is not misbehavior and Israeli intervention is misbehavior. Somehow, even though the Palestinians were the instigators of violence, it is the fault of the those who were the real victims.

We Don't Know for Sure….

Transcript of the Chris Wallace interview with William Schulz here.

SCHULZ: …So we don’t know for sure what all is happening at Guantanamo, and our whole point is that the United States ought to allow independent human rights organizations to investigate just as Sudan, Pakistan, and many other environments around the world…

WALLACE: But in fact hasn’t the International Red Cross — sir, hasn’t the International Red Cross been allowed to go to a number of these facilities?

SCHULZ: They — yes, they have. And, indeed, the CIA tried to prevent them from finding out about certain so-called ghost detainees. Furthermore, they…

WALLACE: Wait, Mr. Schulz, excuse me, you’re switching subjects. I asked you whether the ICRC has been allowed access to every place from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay. And the answer is yes, correct?

SCHULZ: Oh, Chris, I have no idea whether the Red Cross has been given access to the secret detention facilities that the U.S. is maintaining. Have they been given access to the Syrian prisons and the prisons where the United States is rendering prisoners? I have absolutely no idea and I suggest you don’t either. I think we don’t know.

Talk about secret prisons, that they don’t know if they actually exist or where they are, because they’re …. secret…

and then…

WALLACE: But Mr. Schulz, and we do have to wrap this up. I mean, you’re hardly just a bystander here. You’re the one, who in your presentations, specifically called Rumsfeld and Attorney General Gonzales high-level torture architects.

And I’d like to finish, if I might, by quoting The Washington Post, which has hardly been a supporter of President Bush’s and the Bush administration’s treatment of prisoners. This is what they had to say in a recent editorial. And let’s put it up on the screen, if we may. “Turning a report on prisoner detention into another excuse for Bush-bashing or America-bashing undermines Amnesty’s legitimate criticisms of U.S. policies.”

Is it possible, sir, that by excessive rhetoric or by your political links, that you have hurt, not helped, your cause?

SCHULZ: Chris, I don’t think I’d be on this station, on this program today with you if Amnesty hadn’t said what it said and President Bush and his colleagues haven’t responded as they did. If I had come to you two weeks ago and said, “Chris, I’d like to go on Fox with you just to talk about U.S. detention policies at Guantanamo and elsewhere,” I suspect you wouldn’t have given me an invitation.

They had to say this stuff so they could get on TV.