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Kos Says US Torture EQUAL To That of Saddam Hussein!

The Jawa Report has the story!

Will somebody please punch Markos Moulitsas ‘Kos’ Zunigas in the mouth? I’m not kidding (although I may be speaking in haste and out of anger). Some remarks are so disgusting that they are fighting words. Kos hides behind the fact that he was in the military as if it gives him license to level any criticism he wishes on the armed services of the United States. Via my blogfather Charles Johnson over at LGF this from Markos Moulitsas Zunigas who has clearly gone beyond the pale:

The torture that was so bad under Saddam, is equally bad under U.S. command. And Dick Durbin had the balls to say it so on the Senate floor.

Will someone please grab Kos head, pull it out of his ass, and force him to please see below.

Almost all of the accusations of ‘torture’ are NOT REAL TORTURE. Instead, they are minor instances of harsh treatment–the kind of treatment you probably wouldn’t want to be subjected to–but they aren’t TORTURE.

Please click the link and see what Rusty’s talking about.
Warning: Graphic Photos at Rusty’s site.

Brain-Dead Woman's Pregnancy Maintained

URL: Brain-Dead Woman’s Pregnancy Maintained

A brain-dead woman is being kept on life support in hopes that her 21-week-old fetus survives, and the woman’s husband said he is certain that’s what she would have wanted.

Jason Torres said doctors believe the fetus could have a chance if Susan Torres lives another month and her cancer stays away from her uterus.

He said he decided to keep his wife on life support when doctors at Virginia Hospital Center offered him the chance to disconnect the machines after concluding she would not recover.

I have told my husband and family that if I am ever pregnant and brain-dead, as this woman is, I would definitely want to be kept alive under these very circumstances.

The baby is far enough along to have this be a viable option, to have the mother, the natural incubator, continue to function in this capacity.

She may be gone, but there is another life here that may well be able to continue on. This life would be lost were the artificial life support turned off.