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Sorry About the Light Posting

We’ve been very busy lately. I’ve been working full time as well as going to school full time and I know Jeff has been very busy too. We will post as we can. Thanks for hanging in there!

Update on Susan Torres

Susan Torres is the woman who the day before Mother’s Day collapsed. She has been diagnosed with Melanoma. She is brain dead and pregnant.

On June 28th the doctors determined that they think the baby is a girl.

Both are doing well as of today. The doctors think the baby is a little small and have now pushed back the earliest birthdate to July 18th from July 11th.

Please visit the Susan Torres Fund site for more information.

And please, remember them in your prayers.

Previously at this site: Brain Dead Woman’s Pregnancy Maintained

Happy Birthday!

To both George W. Bush and Nancy Reagan!

We wish many more to both of you!

SS Old Media Can't Avoid the Berg

With the rise of the blogs and the corresponding decrease in newspaper readership and falling ratings of the Big Three network news, one would have thought that old media would have done something about the massive void being filled by this new category of competition. The void, of course, is the non-leftist perspective – the context, background, expert opinions, and basic facts that are omitted from the “news” on a daily basis because it doesn’t fit in with the world view from the left. Wouldn’t market forces require old media to get back to its proper role in society – informing, leaving that persuading and advocating stuff to the political parties? Apparently it seems that thirty years in the comfy liberal coccoon has rusted up the rudder of the SS Old Media. Recoginizing the iceberg on the horizon is one thing, but steering to avoid it has proven to be too much of a task.

Examples of the continuing liberal hegenomy in the media are too numerous to mention on this post. But just take the example of the reporting of Afghanistan. Lorie’s post at PoliPundit which links to a great article in the NY Post says it all. It doesn’t seem to matter if the facts, context and history of a story say something is white, for old media to call it black anyway.