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Bye Bye Harry?

From NRO’s Byron York:

Harry Reid is going to fillibuster Henry Saad, a nominee for a seat on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. “Henry Saad would have been fillibustered anyway,” Reid said. “He’s one of those nominees. All you need to do is have a member go upstairs and look at his confidential report from the FBI and I think we would all agree there is a problem there.”

From Ankle Biting Pundits:

Senate rule 29, Section 5 outlines the punishment for such stupidity:
“Any Senator, officer, or employee of the Senate who shall disclose the secret or confidential business or proceedings of the Senate, including the business and proceedings of the committees, subcommittees, and offices of the Senate, shall be liable, if a Senator, to suffer expulsion from the body; and if an officer or employee, to dismissal from the service of the Senate, and to punishment for contempt.”

From Lorie Byrd at Polipundit:

Senator Harry Reid has made some outrageous statements since becoming Senate Minority Leader, but his latest reference to the contents of confidential FBI files may take the cake. When are Republicans going to borrow one of the only successful pages from the Democratic playbook and make an organized and concerted effort (I know, “organized” and “concerted” are words not contained in the GOP playbook) to call attention to the very “radical” and “extreme” statements and methods of Harry Reid?

Michelle Malkin says:

The Senate Minority Leader has what we call in our house “diarrhea of the mouth.

The Captain says:

Worse than that, he has now floated a non-specific charge of malfeasance against Henry Saad against which Saad cannot defend. Saad himself cannot review his file, which contains anything anyone ever said about him to the FBI during his background check, regardless of whether it was true or not. Even those few Republicans who have defended judicial nominees against Reid’s normal smears of “extremism” cannot offer defenses based on the FBI file, because to do so would be to break the same security clearance regulations Reid did in making this statement.

Dirty Harry at Jackson’s Junction says:

It should be interesting to see how this plays in the media. Had a Republican done this the liberal media would be out trying to embarrass and discredit him. They would be asking for separate confirmation from other Republicans hoping it wouldn’t come. In other words: doing their job.

Will they do that to Reid? I’ll let you know when the monkeys start flying out of my butt.

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