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Hobbs Confesses to Killling Best Friends

From the Chicago Tribune:

Bond was denied today for a 34-year-old Zion man who allegedly admitted he punched his daughter because she refused to come home with him, punched her friend who came to her aid then repeatedly stabbed the children, killing them.

“Laura had 20 stab wounds. She was stabbed in the neck, she was stabbed in the abdomen, she was stabbed once in each eye,” Pavletic said.

One thrust went so deep into Laura’s neck, the knife struck the child’s spine, he said.

“Krystal had also been stabbed, 11 times,” the prosecutor said. “She had been stabbed in the neck and stabbed in the abdomen as well.”

In a statement to investigators, Hobbs allegedly admitted being angry that Laura’s mother was supposedly letting the child off easily for having taken a small amount of money from her last week. He said he went looking for her between 4:30 and 7 p.m. Sunday and found the child and her friend in a wooded area north of Beulah Park in north suburban Zion, Pavletic said.

Hobbs ordered his daughter to come home with him, the prosecutor said. When Laura refused, he allegedly punched her at least twice, knocking her down. When Krystal came to her friend’s aid, Hobbs allegedly punched her, too.

The defendant told investigators Krystal pulled what the suspect called a “potato knife”—believed to be Texas slang for a small knife with a blade 4- to 6-inches long, Pavletic said.

Hobbs allegedly said he grabbed the knife, killed the youngsters and dragged their bodies to a wooded area of Beulah Park. Their bodies later were found, faces beaten and bloodied, lying side by side with their shoes neatly placed next to them. Hobbs then went home, got alcohol and tried to clean himself off, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors were skeptical a young girl would have been carrying a weapon or that either child posed a physical threat to Hobbs.

“This guy is approximately 6 feet 1, and you’re talking about 8- or 9-year-old girls,” Lake County State’s Atty. Michael Waller said.

Under questioning, the man eventually admitted killing the children, giving investigators an oral confession and a videotaped and written statement, prosecutors said.

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