Father is being charged in deaths of best friends

Jerry Branton Hobbs is being charged in the deaths of his daughter and her best friend. The Lake County States’ Attorney Michael Waller will be able to give more details tomorrow after the bond hearing at 10 am CDT in the Lake County Courthouse, courtroom 120. They will introduce evidence at the hearing and can then reveal that evidence to the press.

The States’ Attorney said:

This horrific crime has terrorized and traumatized the Zion community and, I think it’s safe to say, people of good will everywhere. The arrest today is the first step in the process of bringing this defendant to justice. As you may be aware, this defendant is eligible for the death penalty. I’ve been the States’ Attorney in Lake County for 15 years and I have a protocol that I follow. I’ve found that its not a good practice to make such a decision in the heat of the moment and we will make that decision after the investigation into this case is completed and after we do a thorough background investigation into this defendant. And its important for me to make the point that this investigation is continuing. The reason we’re holding this press conference today is obviously because of the great interest and the need to keep the public informed, but also to try to bring some sense of relief to the people of Zion that this defendant is in custody.

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Father is being charged in deaths of best friends
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