Best Friends Forever – Mr Hobbs charged?

The father of one of the victims, the one that found the children’s bodies, may be charged with the murders of the best friends, his own daughter and her friend. He was recently released from prison in Texas for aggravated assault.

From WFLD Fox-Chicago:

“Jerry just got out of prison for aggravated assault and I think they’re holding that against him,” Hollabaugh said. “I don’t think he did it.”

Hobbs has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1990 in Texas, including prior arrests for assault and resisting arrest, according to records kept by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Records also show Hobbs had a rocky relationship with Laura’s mother, Sheila Hollabaugh. Hobbs had been arrested in 2001 after arguing with her, grabbing a chainsaw and chasing other residents around the trailer park where they lived, according to Wichita County Assistant District Attorney Rick Mahler. Someone eventually subdued Hobbs by hitting him in the back with a shovel, Mahler said.

Hobbs was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to 10 years probation for the incident, but he failed to appear for his required meetings, so his probation was revoked in 2003 and he was imprisoned until his release on April 12, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever – Mr Hobbs Charged?
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