Canadian Bloggers Rising

As many of you know, I’m Canadian. I appreciate that many Americans don’t necessarily find information out of Canada that newsworthy. Many Canadians are distressed by this and consider this to be symptomatic of American “arrogance” (primarily from the liberal wing of our country). Personally I think its because we are a relatively small country population wise. Ask a Canadian from a big city if he knows the news from a local small town and he won’t have a clue. He or she isn’t “ignorant” he’s just got his own things to worry about closer to home.

But I think I’ve got something that you may be interested in: The Canadian blogoshpere. More particularily the conservative blogosphere. It’s rising rapidly, perhaps at a greater pace than what occurred with Rathergate. There’s big things happening up north, and the Canadian blogs are at the forefront of the news. The news was even more concentrated here in Canada than it was in the U.S. and the immense void is rapidly being filled by the blogs. Even members of Parliament are getting in on the act, and believe me, they sound like bloggers and not stuffy politcians. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, they’re helping take down the Canadian government. Here some of the big ones:

Small Dead Animals
Angry in the Great White North
Andrew Coyne (also a National Post Columnist)
Brock on the Attack

They all have plenty of links to many others. I’ll keep my commentary focused on American politics for now, but I urge you to check out what’s going on up north, it’s pretty wild stuff.

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