Daily Archives: April 10, 2005

Schumer Says Majority Vote in Senate Like a "Banana Republic"

Just caught Fox News Sunday and Sen. Schumer (D) was on looking increasingly desperate on the judicial filibuster issue. He actually said that by allowing a simple up down majority vote it would make the Senate look like a “banana republic.”

A couple of observations. Usually when somebody looks and sounds desperate, that’s because they are desperate. In addition to the above ridiculous comment, he hedged on the question as to whether Republicans have the votes to stop the filibuster, saying that he’s spoken to a number of Republican senators that will vote for it even though they know it is wrong. Translation: the Republicans probably have the votes.

As for the “banana republic” comment, my father emigrated from a totalitarian regime which recently embraced democracy. They danced in the streets in celebration of the fact that they finally were able to have majority rule. Schumer, like so many other Dems these days, appears to have completely lost all perspective. Opposing what is effectively a minority veto over the majority is totalitarianism to the Dems. I think DJ over at PoliPundit is on to something when he writes about the destruction of the Democratic party.