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Let's Not Forget About Roy

The Jawa Report has started a multi-part series about Roy Hallums, a civilian contractor taken hostage in Iraq, as well as others who are currently being held. It’s good that we celebrate the accomplishments in Iraq, but we must not forget about those whose only “crime” was to go to Iraq to help rebuild the country.

It seems that the MSM only becomes interested in these stories when the terrorists invite them to be interested for propaganda purposes. Check out the series here.

South Park Conservatives – On O'Reilly

Brian Anderson, author of South Park Conservatives, was on the O’Reilly Factor last night in the impact segment. Here follows a transcript of that conversation:

Bill O’Reilly: Thanks for staying with us, I’m Bill O’Reilly. In the impact segment tonight: the media war between conservatives and liberals is as intense as ever and today, the liberal Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed piece and said the liberal radio network Air America is failing. Since the print media has been very generous to Air America, that was unusual. The author of the op-ed is Brian Anderson who also has written a new book called South Park Conservatives: The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias. Wow. Mr. Anderson joins us now. See I’m in the middle of this war here you know and it’s vicious.

Brian Anderson: Sure.

O’Reilly: First of all let’s just walk through the whole thing. What’s a South Park Conservative?

Anderson: Right. Well I use that phrase very loosely to refer to a new kind of anti-liberalism that we’re seeing in the culture. We’re seeing it in comedy, on Comedy Central, particularly with the show South Park, which just goes after the left viciously. It goes after the right too, but it’s something very new to see a program that makes fun of liberals. And I see a lot on college campuses. Both of these things I say in the book are growing out of a pretty big shift in our mass communications. Talk radio, cable news, and the blogosphere all of which are allowing views that have long been excluded from public debate to make their way right into that debate. Basically right of center views.
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Habemus Papum

New Pope! Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI

White Smoke, Bells of St. Peters. Lots of cheering people.

More when known.