Terri Schindler Schaivo Posts

Here’s a listing of the Terri Schindler Schaivo posts we have written:
3/30 The Opinions
3/30 AP-Court Rejects Appeal
3/30 Felos Has Mind Powers
3/30 I Was Right
3/30 cBS Does it Again
3/30 11th Will Consider Schindler’s Appeal
3/26 The Autopsy
3/26 Greer Rejects Again
3/26 The Misperception of Shiavo’s “Due Process”
3/25 Schiavo: Perverse Standard Leads to Perverse Outcomes
3/25 Althouse and Instapundit Surprised at Us?
3/25 The Impending Shiavo Truth Crunch
3/24 Schiavio: Not About Choice
3/23 FL Dept of Children and Families Petitions to Intervene in Schiavo Case
3/23 Curiouser and Curiouser
3/23 More Nurses Coming Forward in Schiavo Case
3/23 Schiavo Appeal Rejected on 2-1 Decision
3/22 Property has more rights than Terri
3/22 “Expert” Concluded Schiavo in PVS after 45 minutes
3/22 He Wants a Stay on Replacing Feeding Tube…
3/22 Schiavo’s Life and Liberty Interests Were Adequately Protected
3/22 Schiavo Breaking: Terri’s Nurse Interviewed on Fox
3/22 Schiavo: Who Would You Believe?
3/22 Judge Denies Request to Feed Schiavo
3/21 Terri Schiavo’s Burden, or Ours?
3/21 Hearing On Terri
3/21 Terri News
3/21 President’s Statement
3/20 Bill Passed
3/20 Schiavo Vote Dems Not Cooperating
3/20 Michael Shiavo: My Wife Can’t Shake Hands
3/19 Congress: Schiavo’s Feeding to Resume
3/19 Where are the Schiavo Videos in the Media?
3/18 Schiavo, Terrorists & Lobsters
3/18 Reprieve
3/18 Prayer for Terri
3/16 The Schiavo Crime
2/25 Schiavo’s Life a Mere Legal Issue
2/23 Terri Schiavo Update
2/22 Schiavo Story Cont’d
2/22 Terri Schiavo

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