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Thanks to Kim

I’d like to thank Kim for inviting me to blog with her. It’s been a good first week. Kim’s a great person to blog with. I’ll be pretty busy in the next little while so blogging will be light on my part.


Update: Thanks for blogging with me Jeff. I am looking forward to a long blogging relationship. – Kim

And the Patriot Act is too invasive???

Hybird cars are a bad thing … at least for state gas tax revenues. Apparently those cars that use less gas and are better for the environment are not so good for revenue… Now they want to install GPS in your car to track how many miles you’ve driven and tax you some more…

GOP Bloggers brings our attention to a story on CBS News from Monday regarding a per mile driven tax that is being tested in Oregon and considered in California.

States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile
“Drivers will get charged for how many miles they use the roads, and it’s as simple as that,” says engineer David Kim.

Kim and fellow researcher David Porter at Oregon State University equipped a test car with a global positioning device to keep track of its mileage. Eventually, every car would need one.

Having the state government know where I am at any time? Uploading that information through the gas pump every time I fill up? Getting penalized for travelling during rush hour?? Perhaps this would slide down the slippery slope to penalize me for driving on city roads, for short trips (such as taking my child to pre-school – 2 miles one way)?

More On the First Amendment

Sneaking Suspicions has a story on the two Baltimore Sun journalists who were frozen out by Maryland Governor Erlich. They have sued because Governor Erlich issued a memo telling staffers not to speak to them.

Under the First Amendment they do have the right to ask me questions.

Under the First Amendment I do have the right to not answer their questions.

It seems to me that many journalists feel that the First Amendment means that I have to answer their questions…

These two found out otherwise…

Go read it.

Hat tip: Instapundit

MSM – No special rights to not testify

Beldar has a most excellent analysis of the DC Circuit’s decision in the Judith Miller contempt case. Beldar’s scorecard on the DC Circuit’s Plame decision today: Prosecution 34, Journalists 0: Go read it all.

Beldar also mentions Orin Kerr’s post on The Volokh Conspiracy:
DC Circuit on Blogging and the Reporter’s Privilege.

Judge Sentelle pointed out some of the difficulties of applying such a privilege in light of the blogosphere:

Perhaps more to the point today, does the privilege also protect the proprietor of a web log: the stereotypical “blogger” sitting in his pajamas at his personal computer posting on the World Wide Web his best product to inform whoever happens to browse his way? If not, why not? How could one draw a distinction consistent with the court’s vision of a broadly granted personal right? If so, then would it not be possible for a government official wishing to engage in the sort of unlawful leaking under investigation in the present controversy to call a trusted friend or a political ally, advise him to set up a web log (which I understand takes about three minutes) and then leak to him under a promise of confidentiality the information which the law forbids the official to disclose?

Go read the rest.

And You Thought Bloggers Blew the Lid off This Thing, Just Wait

Hell hath no fury like a motivated litigant in a highly publicized case (well OK there’s the woman scorned, but this is almost as bad). The New York Observer has the goods on the fired CBS employees not going down without a fight – a court fight that is. Apparently our friendly neighborhood litigants are pointing the fingers towards their bosses. Don’t think this is just an attempt to smear CBS either. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a wrongful dismissal case, but I don’t think you can be fired for acting in accordance with your boss’s wishes. If that’s going to be their case, hold on to your hats.

Expect this thing to get very messy, and very revealing. It’s one thing to try and stonewall bloggers and other members of the press. It’s quite another to refuse to answer questions under oath and violate subpoenas.
Hat tip: Powerline Hell No They Won’t Go – lots more over there. (kimsch)

Syria-Iran Axis Official?

Yesterday I posted a link about intel showing Irani and Syrian involvement with the terrorists in Fallujah. The BBC is now reporting that Iran and Syria are establishing a formal common front to confront its enemies (ie. the US). What is it with these Middle Eastern dictators underestimating Bush’s resolve?

Well at least now that a formal axis has aligned itself against the US, we’ll see the anti-Bush, anti-military apologists tone it down a bit to allow both parties to rally together to confront this threat for the good of the country, right………..(crickets chirping)……..right?