And You Thought Bloggers Blew the Lid off This Thing, Just Wait

Hell hath no fury like a motivated litigant in a highly publicized case (well OK there’s the woman scorned, but this is almost as bad). The New York Observer has the goods on the fired CBS employees not going down without a fight – a court fight that is. Apparently our friendly neighborhood litigants are pointing the fingers towards their bosses. Don’t think this is just an attempt to smear CBS either. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a wrongful dismissal case, but I don’t think you can be fired for acting in accordance with your boss’s wishes. If that’s going to be their case, hold on to your hats.

Expect this thing to get very messy, and very revealing. It’s one thing to try and stonewall bloggers and other members of the press. It’s quite another to refuse to answer questions under oath and violate subpoenas.
Hat tip: Powerline Hell No They Won’t Go – lots more over there. (kimsch)

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