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Fanboy Knoxville

We were at Fanboy Knoxville on Saturday and had a lot of fun meeting a lot of people.

We met Danny Trejo, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Schneider, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Femi Taylor, Doug Jones, and spoke with Michael Rooker as he wandered the audience at his panel, leaving his moderator to twiddle his thumbs.

I had a few people asking about my rollator walker and I didn’t have a card for them. So, I came home and made stickers with a QR code to put on my Drive Elevate Upright Walker with seats and armrests and I’m making cards to hand out as well. These cards and stickers with the QR code lead to my Amazon Associates affiliate code so I may get a commission if you purchase through the link.

I have to say that I love this walker. I still have my previous Drive brand walker, the Drive Nitro, which I also love, but this one allows me to stand up straighter especially when tackling the hills in Knoxville or Atlanta for DragonCon!

The storage bag on the Elevate is larger and has an included strap so it’s easy to take with you while leaving the walker behind. It also has a built-in cane holder.

QR code to link to Drive Elevate walker on Amazon
Photo of Drive Elevate walker
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18 Years Smoke-Free

Eighteen years ago I went to a place for laser acupuncture to quit smoking. I had half a pack of cigarettes with me.

Halfway through the treatment, I threw the pack of cigarettes away.

I haven’t had one since.

I had tried many different methods to quit smoking before but none had quite worked, until this one.

Oh, the money I’ve saved over 18 years! I was in a store recently and saw the price for a carton of cigarettes, more than $78! In Tennessee! I was paying less than that for three cartons in Illinois 18 years ago.

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New Umbrella Canopy

The canopy on the patio umbrella that we bought almost five years ago tore and ripped and the wind finally took it almost completely off the framework.

We didn’t want to have to replace the entire cantilever umbrella framework so I looked for canopy replacements. The first one we bought was just a smidge too small. I think it was because our umbrella has solar-powered lights built into the ribs and the center of the umbrella is a little larger than normal.

We had measured the ribs correctly for the first one we purchased but hadn’t accounted for the center hub. When I ordered another one, I made sure that the measurements had a couple of extra inches to accommodate that center hub and it fit perfectly.

Putting a new canopy on your patio umbrella is much less expensive than having to buy a new umbrella and the process isn’t too hard.

Links to Amazon may result in commissions.

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52 Photos – Week 52

Final post of the 52 Photos Project.

I might try again in 2025…

Apollo engine at Kennedy Space Center.

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