Monday Morning Musings

Trick-or-treating started off very slow yesterday. The hours for trick-or-treating were 1 – 5 pm. We didn’t see our first trick-or-treater until 1:52 pm. And it wasn’t one trick-or-treater, it was a crowd of about 15.

Lots of princesses and Batmen. Several werewolves with good masks. A very large gorilla showed up with two tiny princesses.

It was pretty steady until about 3:30 and it dropped off drastically with a slight flurry of trick-or-treaters around 4:40.

It was sunny, only about 50°F and quite windy bringing that temperature lower with wind chill. That may explain the lower turnout for trick-or-treating this year. For the past few years it’s been warmer – sixties – and sunny and we had steady trick-or-treaters during the full four hours.

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