Fraudulent registrations don’t really matter because they don’t lead to voter fraud on election day.

That’s what Chris Sautter, Democratic Attorney is saying on this video from Studio B.

“But who is going to turn up? Is Terrell Owens going to turn up in Las Vegas with an ID that says that he’s Terrell Owens? That’s not gonna happen.”

Mr. Sautter, that only works where a photo ID is required when going to the voting booth on Election Day.

In Indiana, where a photo ID is required, voting under someone else’s name is indeed difficult if not impossible.

It doesn’t work when, as in Illinois, one need only give the poll workers a name that the poll worker can find a sheet in their book for.

This goes along with my post on registration deadlines. A four week deadline is perfectly acceptable and there is no need for same day registration and voting anytime, anywhere. It only leads to fraud.

And look how hard photo ID laws have been fought against by the likes of Acorn and their friends. They’ve been fought against because it makes it more difficult to actually cast a fraudulent vote on election day.

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