There are many peeves that find manifestation amongst the inter-tubes… I have listed only a few here. Please add more in comments and we’ll get them added to the post. (updates below)

Blog  – the web log itself, at the main address. This one is

Post (noun) – an entry on the blog. The address for this one is

Post (verb) – the act of publishing a post on the blog.


There: location. The nearest Starbucks is over there.

Their: belongs to them. Sarah and Jane got their lattes at Starbucks.

They’re: A contraction of they are. They’re getting their lattes at that Starbucks over there.


Sight: One of the five senses. Looking at or seeing. The witness could not testify as to the actions of the suspect once the suspect was out of sight.

Cite: to quote by way of example, authority, or proof <cites several noteworthy authors> (Merriam Webster)

Please cite your sources.

Site: a place, can be in either physical space or cyberspace. A work site. A website.


Lose: Loss. One loses a game, an election, one’s wallet.

Loose: not contained. Loose change. Someone left the barn door open and the pigs got loose.


Choose: make a choice. I choose the red one.

Chose: made a choice, past tense. I chose the purple one.

teh for the

is just annoying…

Venomous Kate says:


Your: possessive. Your peeves mirror my own.

You’re: a contraction of “you” and “are”. You’re as picky as I am.

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