Monday Morning Musings

There was a tragedy at the Kentucky Derby this weekend. The second place horse, a filly named Eight Belles, broke both her ankles and had to be put down on the track. Big Brown won and will go on to the Preakness. Now PETA is calling for the suspension of her jockey.

Friday was a very rainy day here in the Chicago area. Around 6 pm after a short but strong downpour, we saw a beautiful rainbow. Saturday was cold and rainy, a good day to stay in, but we had to take the truck to the body shop and pick up a rental to use while the Yukon is there. We are using a Mazda 6. It’s a nice car and with the Hertz rental is Hertz Neverlost, a GPS system. Of course we’re playing with it. We went to an IHOP for brunch on Saturday and then programmed in the Barnes and Noble at the mall across the street. It gave us good directions for the bookstore that was only .2 miles away… 😀

Yesterday was a bit breezy, but in the 60’s and sunny. We got the lawn mowed, but I was concerned about doing that because the Swiss are looking into the ethical treatment of plants… Eugene Volokh has the story and a lot of good commentary.

We saw a couple of DVDs over the weekend as well.Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story (Two-Disc Special Edition) story was raunchy and full of double entendres as might be suggested from the title, but it was very funny. We watched the unrated Director’s Cut version. John C Reilly was great in the movie and he can sing. The other movie was Lars & the Real Girl. It’s a story about relationships, family and friends. It’s also a story about love. The love that an entire community has for this one man. Ryan Gosling’s performance was brilliant.

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