Monday Morning Musings

Florida and Michigan “do-overs”. No. No do-overs. The DNC made a mistake when they decided to penalize Florida and Michigan of all their delegates. They should have followed the RNC’s lead and just docked them half.

That would have solved the current dilemma. Of course, the current dilemma wouldn’t be a dilemma if Clinton had taken the nomination on ÜberTuesday like she was “supposed” to. The only reason there is a dilemma now is because she’s losing and the race is close. If she were in the lead and the race wasn’t close, nobody would care about Michigan and Florida’s delegates (except maybe residents of those states) but if they could make a difference at this late date – then they are über-important.

The DNC has made their bed and now they must lie in it. Just as they short sheeted themselves by changing their rules after McGovern and again in the eighties regarding delegates and super delegates, they have put the blanket on sideways with their penalization of Michigan and Florida.

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